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 Appliances - Rules

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PostSubject: Appliances - Rules   Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:08 pm

Welcome to the forum of the Hug Family!

Before giving you notices about the way to apply, you have to know few things about us and the way we work.
1. We are international, and the language used is English although members of the Head are French.
2. We are like a family, no one will be let alone. That means you have to have team spirit!
3. We want to have fun, so potential misunderstandings or ambiguities must be solved quickly: You must communicate with each other to avoid it!
4. We try to be fair players, so no ganking, no grey killing.
5. Others rules will be added soon ^^

Now, if it fits to you, you can apply to join us!
Following, some information about you that can help us to take a decision:
- Your character's name
- You class/race
- You current level
- Why you choose this class/race
- Why you are interesting in joining our ranks
- Whatever you want to say (playtime, irl country, etc.)

The appliance is not necessarily a presentation of yourself, you can do it in our Member section when you will be integrated to us (with IRL pictures Twisted Evil )
Now, I hope I didn't discourage you, and I will let you enjoy us with your appliance ^^


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Appliances - Rules
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